Cornerstone Community Church Seeks Youth Pastor

Posted 9/20/2018

To apply, email your resume to Pastor Tony Slavin:

Youth Pastor Job Description

Position Summary:

The purpose of Youth Ministries at Cornerstone Community Church (CCC) is to disciple teens, both middle and high school students, in their walk with God and in their relationships with others in the Body of Christ. The Youth Minister will accomplish this by both personally discipling teens and by developing volunteers who endeavor to develop relationships with teens for the goal of maturing them into Christ-likeness (Gal. 4:19). The Youth Minister will seek to enhance the current middle school program and simultaneously develop a high school ministry.

Qualifications for the Position:

  • Loves the Lord and loves teenagers with a history that demonstrates this love. 
  • Agrees with the purpose, vision, values, and doctrines of CCC
  • Knows the Bible well and can communicate effectively with teens. 
  • Prior employment in a Youth Ministry position is preferred. 
  • Able and willing to engage the parents of the youth to earn their trust.   
  • Able and willing to go into the community to develop relationships with youth in the program and with those who are not.
  • Demonstrates spiritual maturity and character that is consistent with the Biblical requirements for church leadership as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. 
  • Completed a course of education needed to perform the tasks of this ministry. A degree in ministry or Biblical studies is preferred.
  • Prefer someone willing to make a 4-year commitment. 
  • Ability to lead in worship and/or skill in a musical instrument would be preferable.  


  • Have weekly meetings for the purposes of teaching, fellowship, and outreach. This would include Sunday mornings, a mid-week evening meeting, and individual contacts.   
  • Recruit and develop a team of adult volunteers who also love teens and are committed to the purpose, values, and doctrine of CCC
  • Recruit and develop a team of student-leaders who are willing to grow in the Scriptures and in serving others.
  • Develop and implement a strategy that results in an influential presence at our local school campuses in order to get to know the students, parents, and teachers.   
  • Maintain a good working relationship with other CCC staff members and display a genuine concern for the ministries both to younger children and to adults. The youth pastor will endeavor to move students from inactivity to serving in some kind of ministry. 
  • Be committed to continuing education through personal study, college classes and/or conferences.   
  • Willing to provide occasional preaching with guidance from the senior pastor. 
  • Have regular meetings with the senior pastor for training, encouragement, and evaluation. 

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by emailing your resume to Pastor Tony Slavin: